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Saturday Morning Inspiration - Surprise

Cake with Rainbow Heart Hidden Inside - Nana Hendricks - Saturday Morning Inspiration - Surprise
Saturday Morning Inspiration - Surprise

Good morning, sweet souls,

Last night, when I closed my eyes

and this morning, as I started to rise

I heard our theme would be "Surprise."

I felt our Angels and Guides

with smiles miles wide

like they had something hidden inside

that was bursting to no longer hide.

They say it is time

to reveal a big surprise

one full of light,

love and promise of a new day

and a new way

to live and give 

our heart's desire

to what inspires

us the most.

We are coming through a host

of challenges

that are meant to free our consciousness

to aspects of ourselves that have been hidden

forbidden to surface

until the time is right,

the energies ripe.

As we've traveled those dark nights

looking for the light

we found ourselves,

we delved 

into our pits

the abyss 

of our consciousness

to exist 

with more Patience and Presence.

Now, the surprise gifts

can be revealed.

How have we healed?

How have we evolved and released?

How have we found our inner peace

even in outer chaos and destruction?

It is up to each of us to find the direction

of our FOCUS.

When we do this

we find the true gifts

of our consciousness,

the ability to CHOOSE

to use

the powers we carry hidden inside

to rise and shine.

Our Guides say today

is a day to celebrate

we have come through 

the dark night

winter gates

and now we are poised 

for New Beginnings in a way

that allow us to seize the day. The golden opportunities that reside

usher us into the new paradigm.

High Vibe Frequencies

If you can PIVOT and give attention to

what is happening 

inside of you,

You will see

that you've carried

the hidden surprise

inside all the time.

Today, the Guides say 

they will reveal a surprise 

for all of us - a gift that keeps giving

a light celebration

an illumination 

of our consciousness.

And so it is. :)



To hear the playback, click the link below. "Surprise" Inspiration Meditation

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