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Three Women

The 'Woven' community started as a small group of heart-centered women who gathered to weave high vibes for the planet and humanity.   As the waitlist to join this group of "Awakened Women Weaving Higher States of Being" continued to grow, Nana knew it was time to create a larger platform for co-creating.

Woven is an Awakened Women's Group that meets monthly for inspirational celebration and meditation.  Weaving threads of light from the heart space,  it is a place to co-create with women who are awake and empowered. 

The monthly gatherings offer an opportunity to weave your personal intentions in a safe environment with others who support and see you.  This magnifies your goals with collective consciousness and a sisterhood that celebrates your unique expression. 

Each month, Nana channels a deep-dive meditation and messages for the group.  The Woven Women are often joined by Angels and Guides who support the feminine spirit and are aligned with their spiritual journey. 

Woven Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Zoom inspiration and meditation session with replay access. The Woven Circles are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month, at 4 p.m. via Zoom and 5:30 in person (EDT).

  • A Sacred Sisterhood to support you on your journey

  • An opportunity to focus and amplify the goals and intentions in your life

  • Self-improvement, transformation, activation, initiation, and celebration of your spiritual journey. 

  • Practices, rituals, techniques and methods of self-mastery

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Join Woven

Our tightly-knit community of Woven Women is weaving blessings in our lives. If you would like to be a part of this vibrant collective, kindly complete the form to secure your spot for our next circle. We'll reach out to you once your registration is processed. 

The annual cost of Woven is $333.  Payment can be made in full or monthly at $33 for 11 months. 

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Register here to join Woven Women.

Thank you!  We will be in touch.


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