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Meet Nana

Intuitive Visionary, Spiritual Teacher

As an Intuitive Visionary, Nana Hendricks sees the subtle energy fields of all living things.  She can see the Soul Light in every human. She can also see blockages and traumas and provides support to release them.  

In 1999, Nana experienced an instant awakening.  Her subtle sensory sight was opened, and she was thrust into a world of illuminated Spirits and Souls.  

She noticed that the light inside us is like the sun; it shines bright and produces life-force energy.  In every human, she saw that the light we carry within was covered with shadowed clouds.  The size of the clouds varied; some had smaller coverage, and others had more significant dark storms brewing.  Everyone had them to some degree, and she could see that the clouds blocked their inner peace and self-knowing.   

She realized her destiny during her awakening: to help people clear the clouds covering their light and live from an illuminated place within.  

For more than 20 years, she has traveled the world sharing her message that we are all enlightened within and have an eternal soul guiding us. 

She has helped people connect with their Soul light, heal traumas, develop their gifts, and transform their lives with passion and purpose. 

To truly Know Thyself is to be fulfilled and free. 

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"It is a great honor for me to be a Soul Messenger, to lead people to the light source that they carry within and to witness them in their inner radiance."  ~ Nana

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