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Saturday Morning Inspiration - Coming Out

Hello, sweet souls,

Our theme today is "Coming Out."

Butterflies coming out of the cocoon
Coming Out - Saturday Morning Inspiration with Nana Hendricks

Coming Out It's about 


to align 

with the season of life

that is ripe 

for new beginnings

We have experienced many endings

and are still 

in the throes

of what it takes to grow

through this transformation tube

like a cocoon

we balloon from within

until we are born again

This transformation tube

consists of the cycle

we are in the midst

of traveling through

Equinox, Easter, Eclipse

A twister effect 

on our consciousness

A rapid acceleration 

of death and rebirth vibrations

meant to shed the old and birth the new.

Who knew 

that to burst through the cocoon

it would take such pressures

and that opportunity to die 

would arise

again and again

only to help us ascend

Today we celebrate 

the many ways

that we can come out

and spread our wings

to take flight into new things

The cocoon has been ripping 

and life has been shifting

we are lifting our consciousness

through a metamorphosis

that is a beautiful but fragile experience

As we take time to unwind 

and find that old life

doesn't quite fit

the way it once did

and that we are different 

in ways 

that we still can't explain

there is a mixture of joy and pain

like birth can be, beautiful and messy

Know that soon

that cocoon

will no longer fit

we will spread our wings

and come out of it.

Until it is time, 

we must find

more rest and relaxation

build our strength

be with the transformation

and see what we are becoming

before we insist

that we lift from where we have been.

To come out today

says yes, I see

I am different than I used to be

I am eager to test my wings

but some parts of me are still not ready.

This is the wisdom of Grace

allowing it all to take place

without having to race 

to the next cycle of life.  

Gestate and Just wait

and you will see

coming out is just the opening

to a new reality.

it is accepting that we are different 

than we used to be.  

And with excited anticipation

we can continue our transformation

with relaxation

until it is time to take flight

into a new cycle of life.  

The Eclipse will bring

the Grand Opening

And the ability 

to move beyond 

this pressurized cocoon

and the death /rebirth

we have been through

to celebrate a new day 

and a new way 

of living

with a sparkling 

new beginning.

Let us celebrate today

the many ways

that we see

our coming out

and what it means 

to each of us individually

and collectively.  

It is exciting and thrilling!



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