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The Sacred Hoop is a place to connect and reflect. 


The Hoop 

The Sacred Hoop is a place to connect and reflect. It is a place to gather with the community, share wisdom teachings, and pass on our sacred stories.

​Symbolized by a ring, circle, or spiral, hoops are found as stone circles creating portals and patterns etched in pyramids and temples, indicating spaces where we gather and commune with Spirit.  

When we consciously connect as an awakened community and unite in that uplifting heart-hum, we magnify the good vibes for our lives and the collective. 

Join our Sacred Hoop celebration with circles and spirals of creation for community, connection, and reflection.


Nana & The Sacred Hoop 

The Sacred Hoop is a space where Nana can connect intimately with our community and share the most up-to-date and live information that she is receiving. 

It is her place to gather the tribe and celebrate all the shifts in life. 

The Sacred Hoop is her go-to ground for sharing the most profound things happening in her journey. 

A place where she can host her friends, learn and grow together, and share a vision of an awakened humanity.


You & The Sacred Hoop 

Connection, heart energy, and wisdom.

Education, exploration, and personal development.

A sense of peace that a sanctuary of support is available to you. 

Rejuvenation and Healing - A sanctuary of grace to recharge your batteries. 

Reiteration of higher vibrations - alignments and activations.

The Sacred Hoop Membership Includes:

  • Live Channels and updates from Nana

  • A community of conscious, like-hearted people. 

  • A private forum to explore and share.

  • Members-only guided meditations and messages.

  • Exclusive blog posts offering guidance and teachings.

  • Recordings and playbacks - The Vintage Vault

  • Discounts on products and services. 

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  • Monthly Sacred Hoop Membership

    Every month
    Renews every month
  • Annual Sacred Hoop Membership

    Every year
    Save 15%

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