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Woven Women - The Beloved Within

Pink Roses and Chocolate
Woven Women February 25th

Hello Glorious Gal Pals, This month, our circle will be a celebration of the Beloved within.

In February, we often gift chocolates and flowers to our partners, celebrating our love for them. Our Woven Women Circle will be a time of turning that adoration inward. We will gift ourselves a lovely pink rose and a sacred cacao celebration. Pink Roses are a symbol of self-love, tenderness, and care. Their sweet fragrance and velvety petals remind us to treat ourselves with sweet tenderness. In the vast garden of symbolic flowers, the pink rose stands as a beacon of grace, femininity, and self-love. Its soft pink hues whisper tales of beauty and resilience, capturing the essence of womanhood in all its glory. In the realm of self-care and women's circles, the pink rose emerges as a potent symbol, guiding us on a transformative journey toward inner healing, sharing sisterhood like a bouquet of diversity and similarity, and soothing our feminine spirits with a combined goal of nourishing our souls.

Chocolate comforts and nurtures. In the sacred tapestry of ancient rituals, the cacao ceremony stands as a luminous thread, weaving together the elements of healing, connection, and spiritual awakening. Originating from the heartlands of Mesoamerica, where the cacao bean was revered as a gift from the gods, this ceremonial practice has transcended time and culture, offering profound benefits to those who partake in its sacred elixir. Today, as we rediscover the wisdom of our ancestors, the cacao ceremony emerges as a potent tool for transformation and inner exploration.

Ancient traditions evolve into modern rituals. Whether savoring a Dove Chocolate or a truffle filled with sweet delight, we close our eyes, letting it melt slowly so our tastebuds wallow in a wallop of welcoming warmth and comfort. The rich tapestry of chocolate's benefits creates a timeless healing magic that lures us within to create a space of reprieve and re-treat.

SPA Day for the Beloved within. Join us for a spa day for the Soul. We will pamper, nourish, and rejuvenate ourselves and our Beloved within. You will feel relaxed and renewed with a deeper sense of self and soul, united in harmony and bliss.

For those joining Live via Zoom (4 pm EDT) The virtual circle will include a guided meditation and visualization to connect the ancient healing energies of the pink rose and the cacao plant to our beloved within. These plants carry vibrations and frequencies available to us all the time. They exist in the infinite field where all frequencies reside. We can call on plant spirits to assist us on our spiritual path of healing and awakening. The plant spirits love to dance with us and share their magic. Nana will channel messages from the plant spirits. As we call on them, they shower their healing energies upon us.

If you want to enhance your experience at home, you can purchase pink roses and cacao (in the form of a drink or a favorite chocolate treat). Whether you have them physically or not, you will feel the comfort and nurturing these magical plants offer us as sacred nature spirits, helping us connect with and nurture our beloved within.

For those joining in person in Gulfport, FL (5:30 pm)

We will each have a pink rose and a cup of cacao to enhance our connection with the beloved within. We will gather around the fireplace and share our stories. Guided Meditation and Visualization will take us deeper into communion with our inner beloved. The magical plant spirits will gift us ancient rituals that expand inner grace and self-love.

Please note the date change. We usually gather on the 3rd Sunday of every month. This month, we have to move our date back one week and gather on the 4th Sunday. Changing the date from February 19th to February 25th.

Recording Playback When the call is complete, the playback recording links will be posted at the bottom of each month's blog post on the website. Return to this page, and the playbacks will be listed here.

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Topic: Woven Women - February - The Beloved Within

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