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Saturday Morning Inspiration - Stopping

Stop Sign
Saturday Morning Inspiration with Nana Hendricks - Stopping

Good morning, sweet souls,

Our theme for today is "Stopping."

Sometimes, life is dropping signs

that ask us to align 

with taking some time

to unwind and find

a moment's reprieve

from all that we are doing

pursuing the next destination

vacation, vocation, or relationship.

We are asked to stop


and let go of all of it

If we do, we will see

that in the stopping

there are gifts to receive

If we don't heed the signs

the universe aligns

in ways that create

ripple effects

that stop us in our tracks

one way or another

Maybe your mother 

takes a fall

and you have to drop all

of your task 

and ask 

what is best

for her -

to rest and be still

and in this, you will 

find the same is true 

for you

you need to rest

and be still, too.

Maybe you run out of gas

and you ask

how could this be

I just refilled the tank

last week

and then you see

you have been running

at high speed

using more fuel 

than normally

Maybe the day 

starts in a way

where the cough and cold

are a bit too bold

to brush it aside 

and you must abide

and stay inside

and hide

under your covers

until the cold shivers


Perhaps it is that nap

that says it is time

to unwind

and give yourself 

a little reprieve

what you need

to be rested fully

to continue with the journey

Stopping is necessary

We carry so many

roles and responsibilities

We are willing to fill 

our plates

to overflowing

with the knowing

we have so much going

but adding more

seems to ensure

that we stay busy

productive, not lazy

And this crazy 


keeps that forward-moving motion

like a locomotive

chugging down the tracks

without the ability to stop

and relax.

Stopping is not dropping

the ball

or neglecting all

the obligations 

in our lives 

that will pass us by

if we take the time

to reprieve.  

Stopping is a luxury

and a need

to maintain 

balance and harmony

It is the silence in between

the notes and keys

that allow the melody

it is the pause in between

the breaths

that allow the depths

of the moment to be experienced

Stopping allows us to quit

things that are not a good fit

a bad habit

an unhealthy relationship

Stopping the old 

holds the goal 

that allows the new 

to birth through.

A quick stop

the next stop

I might stop by

if we try to stop

and can not

we've got to give 

it another try.

Stopping is a step

in a process

whether it is a dance

a breath, a romance

giving yourself a chance

to see

who you are when you are not doing anything

or doing it differently

When it is time to stop

at your job

Because the watch

that tells you to clock

out and move about 


signals it is time to leave

Ahh, what a reprieve.

A rolling stop 

can cause a cop

to knock 

on your window

and ask

why so fast?

and then you see

stopping is an act

of stillness

not rolling

or holding 

a moving vessel

at a minimum


but putting it in idle

for awhile

Often, we find

that Stopping

is a sign

of self-care

to go where 

the world fades away

and we pray or meditate

we relate to an inner stillness inside

that basks in the stop signs of life

we begin to crave the moments 

that allow us to stop and drop

everything and bring

ourselves into stillness and presence.  

Today, we are celebrating 

the many beautiful ways of Stopping

embracing the stop signs

and allowing the time

for our minds, bodies, and souls

to unwind and unfold

in a way that holds

ourselves to the task

of giving back, 

to the inward flow of life.

We are also stopping

our Saturday groups


for the next 3 weeks

we will take a reprieve.

So today will be our last day

to play 

and explore more

of our alchemy opportunities

by embracing the stopping

and giving ourselves a break

in our routines

We will begin again

and see what the pause

has given us

to share and light up

in different ways

then our normal Saturdays

When we return

we can share all that we learned

and rejoice

that our choice to stop

has brought us such wisdom.  

See you today at 10 am.



The Zoom Link is available here 1-hour before our call. (about 9 am EDT) After our call, we remove the Zoom link and replace it with the Recording Playbacks. Playbacks: Inspiration Meditation

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