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Saturday Morning Inspiration - Soothing.

Soothing Self - Saturday Morning Inspiration with Nana Hendricks
Saturday Morning Inspiration - Soothing

Good morning, sweet souls,

Our theme today is "Soothing."

There is much improving

we can be doing 

if we are smoothing 

our energy fields.

Our vibration yields

various degrees 

of intensity

from undercurrents 

of stress and anxiety

and waves of change

that are conflicting

and colliding. 

We have a support system

available to us all of the time

that would like to help us find

a way to relax and unwind

to settle the mind

and take the time 

for a gentle reprieve

from all of the hustle and bustle 

of our daily lives and routines.

Our Souls and Guidance Team

are the Source of Comfort and Soothing

for which I am speaking

They are teaching us 

to step back

relax and ASK

for help calming our fields.

The fields that yield

our physical, emotional, and mental bodies

that are tied up in stress and anxiety

because of the conditions of our world

or the ways our days unfurl

with so many responsibilities

and duties

there are plenty of reasons to be stressed

and there are also reasons to relax.

Take back the ability

to shift your Frequency

into soothing tranquility

at will

not when you find time

or when the stars align

but when you are waiting in line

or at a red light.

You might think

stress is part of this 

earthly experience

and we have to live with it

but it isn't true

it is up to you

and how you focus

and follow through

to Soothe yourself.

ASK for help

and find

your Soul, Angels, and Guides

are always aligned

and have plenty of time

to abide by your desires

and will help to inspire

calming soothing frequencies

whenever you are ready to RECIEVE.

Please believe that soothing energy

is always available

and a choice we can make

to take a break

and give ourselves this gift

to shift our consciousness

and not insist 

that we rush and hurry

worry and stress

to accomplish that or this

It is a gift 

to see 

that we can go through our daily lives and routines

worry and stress-free

if we are trusting

that everything that is happening

is FOR us, not TO us.

If we just pause

and stop reacting 

from flight or fight

and take back the soothing light

of our souls

to Know we are not alone

and that a divine force


our lives

and helps orchestrate


so that challenging circumstance



for growth, evolution, and healing

Tune in right now

and allow 

yourself to see

the frequency

under the words, thoughts, and feelings

how are you vibrating?

Are you in harmony with your reality? 

Are you resisting? 

Is there intensity

"gotta go, gotta go

stuff to do


Well, you choose

you can shift gears

away from fears

and a full-throttle drive

fight or flight

adrenaline accomplishments

to soothing grooving

and let life be a dance 

to your favorite tune

one that soothes you

and moves you

in a harmonious way.

Join us today 

as we play

a harmonious melody

that will soothe you 

mentally, emotionally, and physically

and give you the techniques

that Spirit is giving to me

on how to easily 

shift our frequency

from stress and anxiety

to smooth, soothing sailing.

And so it is.



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