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Saturday Morning Inspiration - Receptivity

Good morning, sweet souls,

Our theme today is "Receptivity."

It is the initial key

to unlock the ability

to set ourselves free.

Free from whatever is binding

holding us back

fear, disharmony, disease, lack

it is all about 

our ability 

to come into Receptivity

Our Souls and Guides

are on standby

all the time

waiting to oblige

our dreams and desires

Our inspired tendencies

bring about the desires

of our Guidance team

to help serve humanity

with our grand awakening.

To wake up from an illusionary dream

to remember the truth of our Being

to sit in silence and meditation

to consciously choose to shift our vibration

into Receptivity is the beginning

When we lend our consciousness

awareness, and focus

to creating Receptivity

from our Soul and Guidance Team

we are enlisting the support 

of illuminated beings

who stand by our sides

all of the time

wanting to help

but unable to interfere with what we wish to do here

We must ask to receive


and open in Receptivity.

Once we do, 

we feel the energy

flowing through

a whole group

of light beings

will assist

us with a shift

a lift, a gift

If we ask 

and listen


and allow the glisten

of our souls

to unfold through

our human skins

and begin 

to shine forth from within

with the wisdom 

that dwells

deep inside

as pure soul light

As the human

living our life

there can be heartache and strife

Our Souls 

wish to hold

us in a tender embrace

helping us understand things

and move through life with grace

but if we race


nose to the ground

paused receptivity

not found 

as part of daily life and routine

then we miss 

the gifts

of our Souls, Angels, and Guidance Team.

It is so easy to take a breath

exhale and Recieve

to let go of control

trust, have faith, and believe

in your Soul and all the Light Beings who hold

you in high esteem.

We have a Source 

of love, wisdom, and support

available through our

earth journey

always here

to care

but where

we focus determines

our ability 

for Receptivity

A cup that is overflowing

with all that is going

on in life

full throttle

and unavailable 

for receptivity

from Soul and Guidance Team

is missing

so much of the beauty

of Being a Human BEING

and is consumed with Human Doing

Pursuing life

instead of Receiving its beauty.

Shift your focus

and allow the now

to fill your cup

take a pause 

to shift the flow

of energy 

from outpouring

to inpouring 

and just receive.

Breathe deep

and allow

ask to receive 

and become empty.

Now, you will

be filled

and find

an overflowing fountain

of love and support

that continues to flow

all the time. 

Ask and believe

Receive all that you need

to be filled up 

and overflowing

with golden light 

that keeps glowing

and shining on every part

body, mind, emotions, heart

let the love flow in

and know

you are never alone.

Your Soul holds you 

in a tender space

Your Guides take their place

by your side

wanting to help you

through life's 

ups and downs

all the gifts 

they can give 

are found

when we allow

Receptivity to be our Frequency

and so it is.  


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