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Saturday Morning Inspiration - Comforting

Comforting Dog and Cup of Tea.
Saturday Morning Inspiration with Nana Hendricks - Comforting

Good morning, sweet souls,

Today, I overslept

and lept from the bed

feeling a little dread

that my head 

was still asleep

and I needed to keep

up with my calendar

and create 

a jingle

for our theme today.

It's okay, I say

because our theme is "Comforting."

I felt it last night

before I closed my eyes

I received

that we would proceed

with the need to 

calm, comfort, and soothe 

ourselves and our fields of energy.

Sometimes, life takes its toll

and we have to roll

with the changes

and the way 

it rearranges everything

only to bring

more opportunity

for growth and alchemy.

They say outside our comfort zone

is where we grow

Today, I know, 

I can comfort myself

and turn down

my stress

do my best

and allow my body to rest.

Understanding Alchemy

is transformation

taking the dross of any situation

and looking for the blessings in disguise

the silver lining

that is always hiding


the sheath

and the cloak we are wearing.

Looking inside

is the way to find

the ways to comfort 

soothe and calm

taking our ability 

for self-comforting

to the next level 

of alchemy

working with our bodies

and the nervous system

that enlist

the adrenal glands to assist

we can lift our spirits

and be free

of what happens automatically

and begin


our moods consciously

Looking deep within

to find a friend

who will lend

the buddha grin

to our situation

it is a vibration

that can turn a frown

upside down

A soothing, comforting calm

that is a frequency balm

a hug, nudge, back rub

that says it's all okay, 

sleep late

create differently

Honor your body's rhythm 

and give yourself 

what you need.

Maybe a nice cup of tea?

When we are freed 

from so many pressures

mostly self-induced

we find that we are used

to revving ourselves


and placing pressures

that are not necessary

and that we carry the ability

to calm and soothe ourselves

with comforting frequencies

and techniques

that literally

turn down the stressors


and allow us to open wide

to the blessings and gifts

in life.

The buddhas grin

comes from within

when we ascend

and operate differently

when we learn we have the keys

to set ourselves free

and live with 

vibrational awareness 

and mastery.

Join us today

as we say okay

to comforting ourselves

and everyone else

with vibes

that create states

that align inside 

and open gates

that set us free

to operate differently

where we shift our frequency

by knowing our bodies

and how to operate 

in states where we relate

to ourselves more lovingly.

We will celebrate

that no matter what we face

there is a silver lining

and a place to create 

comfort inside

It's our lifeline

our life force and chi

circulating differently

to bring us to a place 

that is calming

soothing and comforting.  

We are deserving 

and worthy.

of being a Buddha

smiling at the opportunities

of life

to keep grinning

and growing

just outside

our comfort zones. 

And so it is.



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