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Saturday Morning Inspiration - A Gift

A Gift - Recieving Hands - A Golden Gift
A Gift - Saturday Morning Inspiration with Nana Hendricks

Good morning, sweet souls,

Our theme today is "A Gift."

It is meant

to be

a gift

that keeps on giving

Our Guidance Team

of Light Beings

Say today is a day

to Celebrate

that we have come through a gate

and are well on our way

to a place of grace

where we illuminate.

The gift that they are giving

is a process

that leads 

to Freedom and Liberation

a shift in our vibration

an acceleration

of the alchemy and transformation 


It is a gift that 

allows us to harness 

and focus

our awareness.  

And they say

"We've got this!"

The world may seem


like a bad dream

foggy and hazy

with a residue 

inside of you

that feels amiss

there is war, 



and all of it 

can be a catalyst

if we know 

how to use it.  

If we choose

to use our FOCUS

on what we wish

to experience

we can transcend

and lend 

a helping hand

and some high vibes

to helping humanity

align with a new paradigm

and let go of the old

so that the stories that unfold

the ones that have been told

throughout history

of separation and suffering

come to an end.

We can lend our consciousness

to a different experience

one that unites

and takes flight

into a new light

of day

a new way 

to create

that doesn't separate

and divide

but unites 

in the light

of the truth

of who we are.

A Gift from the Heart

A Gift that will impart


and an ability

to make a difference 

in your life

and for your family,

tribe, hive


and the collective 

of humanity.

It is a Gift

that shifts 

your Energy 


and Frequency.


I have received 

the Gift

and I can tell you this

it will lift 

your spirits

and your view

about what the world

is going through

so that you can continue

to do what is best for you

and our collective

by being selective

and giving the gifts 

of your Spirit

where they make the biggest difference.

I look forward to sharing

This gift with you today.

In a heartfelt way.

From me and the Team




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