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Calming the Kitty

Thoughts from August 19, 2022 during a very powerful Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion’s gate was a doozy! We are coming out the other side and we can start to feel the pressures subside.

Yesterday, I walked through my living room and saw confetti explode in the air and heard “New beginnings are here.”

But we are not totally out of the clear just yet. I saw the baby’s head pop from the birthing canal. Ahh, pressures released! But we are still birthing the rest of the body and can still feel stuck or pressurized to some degree.

We might want to rush, struggle, pull or push to get this birth over with but Spirit says relax and let the youniverse contract naturally. The next waves will come and bring the rest of the body from the birthing canal / lion’s gateway fully into our new beginnings.

For now, we can feel some degree of relief, reprieve from the pressures.

We can celebrate that the birth is happening.

We can get excited about the new beginning.

We can get poised and ready.

We can reflect. What died, what's birthing anew?

What did you shed in the “eye of the needle” portal that we’ve just come through?

What are you ready to create a new?

We can feel the calm returning to the lion that was roaring.

We can feel the surrender and the purring stirring.

Soothing rest is still the best just yet.

The more we can relax into this now moment while we are half in and half out of the birthing process, the more energy we have on the other side to rise and shine. (But not before its time)

For soon, we will be swept into this new and our muse will come alive and inspire a creative drive inside that picks up the tempo of our lives.

Transformation is exhilarating when we get to the other side.

We’ve emptied, now we can let the blessing pour through.

Spirit says it is while we are sleeping that we are the most deeply receiving. So don’t resist that tempting nap or lazy day sleep-in, let yourself receive healing, rejuvenation, and recalibration. Take mini vacations in your own home, rest deeply.

Calming the kitty, stretching out for nice cat nap and enjoying the purrfect alignment with the now moment, that’s where it’s at.

That’s where the inspiration arrives when we are resting and quiet inside.

Savor the favors of the Lion and enjoy the afterglow of this gateway. A few more days and we have made it through, maybe with a little roaring, but we grew. And, that’s the gift!

Excited to see what comes next!


~ Nana

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