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I am Grateful for Change

Life doesn't always turn out the way that we planned. Sometimes, the best intentions still create undesirable results. It's okay. This is how we learn to let go, accept, and allow. We can Trust the plan that our Souls are orchestrating for us. It is not always meant to be easy; if it were, we would never be challenged to grow and know how strong we are.

In my darkest hour, my guides said, "This is not happening to you; it is happening for you."

Knowing this shifted everything. Instead of being overwhelmed by the challenges, I knew they were a gift meant to lift my consciousness, a blessing in disguise to help me rise and shine. I had to shift focus and be grateful for the challenge instead of resisting. I started listing all the things I was grateful for, and even though there were a lot of reasons to be unhappy, focusing differently changed everything. If you are not getting what you want out of a romantic, familial, or professional relationship, imagine how you would like it to be, visualize it changing, and have gratitude for it shifting. Reinforce with positive affirmation vibrations of gratitude. This will lift it quicker than anything. Another potent exercise is to give yourself what you want from others. If you're not getting love, affection, attention, respect, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, or gratitude, pause and let go of the need to receive them from another and give them to yourself. Get creative! How can you give yourself what you are hoping to receive from another? A honeymoon for one? A massage, walk in nature, or spa day? If someone is not respecting or honoring you, how can you honor and respect yourself? Let go of the tug-of-war rope and find inside what will allow you to smile and shine. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try and hope things will change, life will not rearrange to suit our desires. This is when we can inspire gratitude for what we have and release the need for it to be different.

We can't bring a loved one back to life to have them by our side, but we can sense and feel the Being of Light that they have become and learn that love goes on even when the body is gone. We can honor the connection we shared and all of the precious time we had together. Have gratitude that the Soul essence is still there. We can fill pages of gratitude lists with special memories, songs, vacations, laughs, smells, touches, and tastes of the delights we experienced together.

I am so grateful for my brother's hugs and his beautiful eyes while he was alive. As he passed, he taught me the priceless lesson of forgiveness. My papa's kind spirit lives on in our many sweet memories, especially around holiday stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy (with extra butter.) Our memories keep them alive. As we sensitize, we feel them by our sides as Angels of Light. If a loved one is not here physically anymore, we can have gratitude for all the moments we shared. And we can have gratitude that we will see them again one day. In the meantime, we can hope to feel their Spirit more often. Perhaps we see them in the red cardinal, blue jay, butterfly, or dragonfly. Maybe we receive pennies from heaven or hear that favorite song at the perfect time. Our loved ones are always a part of us. The love and soul connections never die. If you wish it were different, have gratitude for how it was and how you would like it to be in the new circumstance and season of life. Whatever challenges you face and wish were different, health, finance, family, romance, or professional, imagine how you would like it to be, and have gratitude for it changing. Put your gratitude frequency forward to attract change. Be grateful for what is working and what you wish to be different. Create lists that allow you to access the aligned parts and help you manifest with a grateful, receptive heart.

Gratitude for Change - Nana Hendricks. - Gratitude 33.3
Gratitude for Change - Nana Hendricks - Gratitude 33.3

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