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Gratitude in Expression

Artists and poets know when they are in the flow when the soul kicks in, and it is no longer them holding the pen or playing the instrument. The muse has come alive inside and is taking them along for the ride. It is a writer's or musician's high. When we feel aligned, getting all the green lights, and life has us singing, we are bringing gratitude into expression. When we let go and allow the flow, we can't help but feel gratitude for the vibrations moving through us. Whether art, music, poetry, or dancing, surrendering and opening create expressions of appreciation. Love intoxication that raises our vibrations and causes a pep in our step is yet another way the heart displays gratitude. The gratitude frequency comes naturally when we are in love. When we feel passion and romance, just a glance can erupt a rush of gratitude. Love and appreciation accompany each other like dancers entwined in perfect rhythm and time. They create balance and harmony with our reality and lift us. How does your heart express its passions and joys? What songs, artists, and genres lift your spirit and set you free? Have you felt the high of an artist, poet, or athlete? Can you see how the heart easily expresses gratitude when it is open and flowing? What gets you going? Knowing that the frequency of gratitude shifts and lifts our consciousness to a higher vibrating experience, we can focus on it to manifest and create the state we wish to relate to. If you lack luster, Buster, muster a list that can shift your lens and see life differently! You have the power and ability to harness your energy field and yield any vibe you decide to subscribe to. The power is within you! FOCUS on Let your love flow like a mountain stream, and dream a dream of a reality where you live by your passions and joys. Dream it into existence with the assistance of gratitude! Love, Nana

PS - I hope this post inspires you to ponder gratitude and the natural expression that occurs when we are in the flow of our hearts and souls. Gratitude 33.3 We are experiencing tremendous shifts from our Gratitude 33.3 Journaling Journey. If you'd like to flow along with us and receive daily inspiration, guided meditations, and community amplification, jump in any time, find a journal, or purchase "The Gratitude 33.3 Journal" on the website, and begin to write 33 things a day you are grateful for. This process creates transformational frequencies that disintegrate limiting patterns and beliefs, train the brain to attract beauty and blessings, and make significant positive changes in your life!

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