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Grateful for the Little Things.

As soon as you open your eyes, think of all the things that bring you comfort: your bed, blankets, pillows, a snuggly partner, or the bed to yourself. You can count the items around you and how they make you feel. Be grateful for comfort, warmth, resting, waking, dreaming, snoozing the alarm, a new day, and the ability to get a good night's sleep. Brushing your teeth with a clean toothbrush, slowing down, not in a rush, taking time to hush, and adjusting to an attitude of gratitude for all the little things we take for granted every day.

Next, as you move around your house, are you grateful for toilet tissue, flushing toilet, hot and cold running water? If you didn't have these things, how inconvenienced would you be? Is your home climate controlled? Does your kitchen have a fridge that keeps things cold? The kitchen, fridge, and food to eat are all things that we would miss if we didn't have them. What about electricity? Wi-fi Connectivity? The device you use to peruse social media. Focus on the little things that make life convenient, comfy, and easy. As you go through your day, see all the little things you have grown accustomed to and would not want to live without. You can easily think of 33.3. :) Love, Nana Embark on the Gratitude 33.3 Journey anytime - Change your brain, attune to the blessings in life!

Gratitude 33.3 Qoute of the Day - Day 1
Gratitude 33.3 Day 1 Nana Hendricks Program

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