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Grateful for Now

Often, it is those moments when we pause that we feel the greatest sense of awareness and gratitude. When we stop and smell the roses, we recognize the sweetness of life that would otherwise pass by. Pausing between the breaths and sinking into the depth of the now moment allows a reprieve to rejuvenate and recharge your battery. The many moments that exist between sunrise and sunset provide ample opportunity to take a break and tune into the beauty of the Now. Can you allow yourself a reprieve from forward-moving momentum to tune into the now moment and see how blessed you are? The sun, moon, and stars align differently at each moment, creating a unique way to bless this day. How do they shine upon you now? Can you stop and feel how the heavens align for you today? Take in the sky, the clouds, the colorful hues, or the misty blues that contribute to this moment's magic. Is it the sun on your face? A rainy, cozy day? A crisp in the air that lifts your cares? A storm passing through that allows you to brew? Tune into your surroundings, see the elements and weather patterns contributing to this unique moment, and be grateful for its beauty. Each moment of the day easily contains 33 things to be grateful for: the Heavens, the Earth, and everything in between. The Four Elements we could not exist without are air, water, fire, and earth. They are located in the four directions of the medicine wheel, and each resides aligned with a type of animal spirit: winged, swimming, slithering/scurring, and walking. We each have a sacred hoop surrounding us; we stand in the center and have blessings in each direction. Let your Spirit wander around your medicine wheel, feel all the magic that surrounds you every moment of every day, and say, "Thank you." Begin with the fabric of life, earth, and sky, and decorate a tapestry of gratitude with appreciation for all the beauty that the now moments hold. Think of the four directions, the elements, and creatures surrounding you, blessing your life. The bird's song, the dolphin's splash, the firefly's light, and the hooves and paws that cause your heart to pause in delight. Love,

Nana Gratitude 33.3 is a Journal Journey with Nana Hendricks. You can start anytime and progress at your own pace. Get a journal or purchase The Gratitude 33.3 Journal online. Create three columns on each page with 33 things you are grateful for. Gratitude 33.3 will train your brain to release old limiting patterns and align with higher vibes that attract abundance, beauty, and blessings. Daily Inspiration - posted on, FB, and IG. Guided Meditations - Every Saturday during Satsang at 10 am Eastern, RSVP for ZOOM Link Community Amplification & Manifestation - optional participation FB Group and Satsang Group.

Gratitude 33.3
Grateful for the Now, Gratitude 33.3 Journal Journey with Nana Hendricks

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