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Concordia Revive Retreat - Spring Equinox, March 20-24.

One of our most sacred home bases is in trouble. Concordia Eco Resort has never fully recovered from Irma and Maria. It was heartbreaking to see the destruction in the aftermath. A strewn pile of matchsticks loomed on the hillside, reminding us of the loss. The loss not only of this special place that leaves a gentle footprint on the nature around it, but a loss of our community and tribe. Out of all the things destroyed by the storms, the community was the hardest part to accept. Our personal belongings, homes, boats, and businesses were scattered. But, when the people scattered too, we lost our center. Many had to leave; there was nowhere to stay, work, or ways to rebuild immediately. Resources were scarce, workers were in high demand, and supplies were slowly forthcoming. People had to retract, retreat, and reassess their lives outside of this mass destruction. As families relocated back to their roots, back to their homes in other lands, and onward to new places, we were displaced, our tight-knit community fell apart, and that broke our hearts more than anything. I will never forget the first day that I was on a boat ride and saw the Concordia destruction on the hillside. Earie, my heart cracked open, and tears flooded my eyes. I wondered how it would ever survive and thrive again like the old friend it had been. Years passed by, Concordia looked like a graveyard looming on the hillside. Its destruction represented the death that still lingered in the air. The PTSD of those who were there and had to wait out these monstrous storms. The sounds and feelings still stir the pain and loss we feel inside. After seeing it this way for a long time, I was totally surprised when I returned to take in the sight at the top of the driveway. When I reached the vista, I heard hammering! I saw workers cleaning up the old debris and putting up new tents. Oh my!! My heart leaped out of my chest, and I started to cry tears of joy. And now, years later, the progress has been slow and painful to watch as it unfolds and still holds its struggles to regain its footing. Workers abandoned the projects, things were stolen from the job site, and the management has been struggling to keep the project afloat. If things don't lift and shift in a positive direction this year, the owners will have to see, and there are developers salivating at the opportunity to seize this prime real estate. It is time we shine some light on this sacred place. Please help us, help Concordia. We are planning a benefit retreat, inviting local practitioners to help promote their services and this special place. Let's bring the light back to Concordia. Revive this land and the eco-resort so it stands tall again. Let's keep developers off of St John. If you want to attend the retreat or offer a service, please call Nana at 828.337.5512. Concordia Eco Resort - Spring Equinox Revive Retreat March 20 - 24, 2024. 828.337.5512

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