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What is Spirit?

Spirit is one of those words that have deep meaning for some, and for others, it is taboo. For me, it is everything.

We are all Spirit.

To know and live from a spiritually connected place inside is heavenly. To not know it, to have yet to discover it, is an enigma and mystery that, once embraced, is quite an enchanting journey of self-discovery.

Spirit dwells in everything. We say that we can feel the spirit of the season, mountains, trees, animals, and the spirit of a championship win where everyone is elevated within.

We feel the Spirit of our loved ones who have left this life but are still by our sides as angels and guides of light.

They are joined by others who have illuminated within and learned to ascend, the Guides, Angels, and Ancestors.

Spirit has many unique and beautiful forms, and it is all forms combined. It is the Spirit of Life. Embrace it inside and outside, and feel your Spirit rise and shine.



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