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Nana's Divine Guidance United Us in a Sacred Space

Being Woven has been one of the greatest blessings of these times. In the midst of the current storms of transformation, we birthed a tapestry of blessed women that have walked together no matter the distance between them.

Nana’s divine guidance and intuition united a group of soul connected women to share and be held in a sacred space. This space has been a pilar for me throughout this 2 year journey. It has been a place to openly share the movements of my soul, the beauty and the pain.

My Woven Sisters are forever stitched in my heart. I am grateful for all the love, encouragement and wisdom that is shared. I have felt heard, supported and connected on a deep level.

To be able to share my story in the light and presence of these incredible women and to learn about their life journeys was such an honor. To receive the inspirational messages from Nana each month was so nourishing and empowering.

I am eternally grateful and eternally Woven.

~ Arelis Atani

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