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Grateful for the Memories

The holiday season is upon us. Nostalgia fills the air. We swirl through the festivities, stirring memories of years gone by. It is the time of year when the ones we love dear gather around, and memories abound. We welcome the new with gratitude, new babies, partners, and friends. We consecrate new homes and living places — the first tree or stockings above the fireplace. Who carved the turkey or made the pie? And who smooched under the mistletoe with a twinkle in their eye? The food, flavors, and aromatic rituals stir the pineal gland and expand memories more rapidly than any other sensory perception. The ripple effect connects us to our holidays past; we laugh out loud sometimes as the memories pass by, and other times, we cry. When there is an empty place, we feel it deeply in our heart space. If it is the first year without someone dear, the grief can be immense. They say time heals, but this time of year always draws near the loss we have experienced. The holidays amplify the empty seats in our lives. We can help soothe the loss by being grateful for our memories. Write a list of all the precious memories; this will quickly fill a page and put a smile on your face.

Feeling so deeply is a gift of the holiday season. Be present with those feelings and have gratitude you have known love and connection so beautiful to stir the heart and soul with cherished memories.

Beyond the holiday memories, there are many more to be grateful for. How about your favorite vacations? Graduations? Anniversaries? Milestones and markers along the journey? First love? First tooth? What are the greatest joys, victories, and exalting moments? What elements and people were present? How did they make you feel?

Be grateful for the full-spectrum emotions and the lessons learned; bridges burned that light the way into a new day. It's all okay and part of the game of life and how it's played. Memories are the highlights of our lives that capture the essence of a moment. How many beautiful moments has your life had? Sunsets? Vistas? Vallys? Opportunities to grow and expand?

Let your memories run wild and free, sail through them, listing everything in your Gratitude 33.3 journaling journey, from the colors and seasonings to the songs and sounds that played along. Take those old records off the shelf......and......Bring back that lovin' feeling, woa-oh-oh. :) Love, Nana

Grateful for the Memories - Gratitude 33.3 Nana Hendricks

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