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“Gratitude Perks”

Every day, people serve us. As we express Gratitude for them, it perks them up, and it perks us up. We often gain perks in return for our Gratitude beyond the personal fulfillment of doing something nice; there is a boomerang effect that magnetically and vibrationally attracts more perks into our lives. Perhaps it is a free coffee or dessert. Maybe it is a complimentary dry-cleaning shirt. The mechanic might not charge for the extra labor or part because you have genuine Gratitude for his art. Upgrades to first class, an entrance pass, extra bags, name tags, and then jet lag is not so bad if you have had Gratitude along the way. It elevates your attitude to a new altitude - cruising at 33.3 into a new reality with grace and ease. Today, be grateful for everyone who assists you and say "Thank you" with a heartfelt smile. Shine Gratitude on every service person and feel how it perks you up inside. Reflect on some of the unique experiences in your life where a service person made you smile. Were you on vacation? At the corner store or gas station. Be grateful; you can take time away and fill your tank daily- there are many ways to be grateful! You may also be inspired to be in service and think of ways your life has been touched by helping others. When I look back over my life, the happiest times were when I was helping people. A surprise birthday party, cooking my parents their favorite meal and bringing it to them, showing up unexpectedly on Christmas Eve in a holiday elf costume, and blessing my community with many free, uplifting offerings, this is what makes my heart sing. I love bringing other people joy and happiness; the ripple effects are bliss. Good luck inspiring your gratitude lists with Service tips!

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