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33 Days of Gratitude: A Journey to Transformation and Abundance

Embark on a journey of transformation. Shift and lift your vibration. Clear karma and train your brain to see the beauty and blessings in life!

As the world continues to shift, we lift our consciousness from the old that is crumbling and find our footing in the new with the help of GRATITUDE. It is a high vibe to tune into that CHANGES EVERYTHING. The MIRACLES and MAGIC begin pouring in!! HARNESS YOUR ABILITY TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS BY ALIGNING YOUR FREQUENCY!! We have awakened to realize that we are energy and that everything in creation has energy vibrations. We are antennae; our energy fields broadcast our vibe and thus attract and create our lives. If we wish to experience a higher frequency, we can tune in and align with it until we embody it completely.

THE FORMULA IS 33 X 3 =33.3 WITH THE GRATITUDE FREQUENCY. The Gratitude 33.3 Program is: - Self-paced - Start Anytime - Flexible and Easy - Life-changing! Gratitude 33.3 Includes: - Daily Inspiration

- Guided Meditations - Community Amplification Order a journal, and let's begin to shift and uplift life!


Gratitude 33.3 Journals

Choose from 2 Journals - "Simply Grateful" or step up with our "Gratitude 33.3" for a FULL EFFECT transformation!

Each journal offers 33 days of practicing gratitude. I recommend Gratitude 33.3, but both will work, "Simply Grateful" is a simplified version of the formula.


Elevate your life with our unique Transformative Gratitude Journal, meticulously designed to guide you on a journey of inner growth and positive transformation. Rooted in ancient wisdom and infused with the powerful insights of Nana Hendricks, this journal is a potent tool for clearing blocked karma from past generations and attuning yourself to the higher frequencies of the new earth.

Our proven formula empowers you to cultivate gratitude by writing down 33 things you're thankful for, not once, but three times a day, for a transformative span of 33 days. This deliberate practice opens positive energy channels, inviting abundance and joy into every aspect of your life.

Each day, discover a thought-provoking quote by Nana Hendricks, providing fresh perspectives and profound wisdom to fuel your journey towards alignment with the new earth.

Embrace this journal as a cherished companion, and witness the profound shifts it brings to your life.

Experience the power of gratitude and ancestral healing like never before. Embrace the future with clarity, positivity, and a heart full of gratitude. Start your transformative journey today with our Gratitude Journal. TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT This is a self-paced process. You can join at any time. Every day, there will be an inspirational sharing via blog post on the website and social media sites. Jump on board anytime, join us as we journey through the process, and continue at your own pace of grace, reflecting on daily inspirations and meditations to assist along the way.

  • Sign up on to receive the Daily Inspiration Subscribe here.

  • Have a Journal ready, your own, or purchase one of ours. (college ruled or space for 33 rows)

  • (Optional) Tune in to Saturday Morning Inspiration Groups to reflect and share.

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