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"Unlocking the Power of 11-11: Join the Global Meditation Event"

11-11 Meditation Event

The mystical 11-11 has long been associated with spiritual significance and a gateway to higher consciousness. Many believe it to be a moment of divine synchronicity and a powerful opportunity for self-reflection, manifestation, and transformation. If you've ever felt the pull of the universe's energy on this special da

y, now is your chance to harness it through the 11-11 meditation event.

What is 11-11 Meditation?

11-11 Meditation is a global event where people from all corners come together in a collective effort to tap into the powerful energy

of November 11th. This event is more than just a meditation; it's a transformative journey for participants to connect with their inner selves and unlock their true potential.

Numerical and Astrological Significance:

The 11-11 aligns and activates the numerical and astrological gateway with our destiny and purpose. It is a mile-

marker on the spiritual path to see where we are, how far we have come, and where we are heading. It is a portal of potential. Harnessing these energies and focusing on what we wish to create magnifies our goals and dreams in life. Meditation on the 11-11 brings forth opportunities for healing, growth, and expansion of consciousness. The 11 is the first number in the numerical sequence to repeat itself. The two ones standing side by side represent duality and our ability to see ourselves. This mirror image of the one self begins appearing when we start to awaken and realize that we are not just the human personality; we are also the Soul. As we aw

aken and realize there is so much more to us than we know, the 11-11 appears to reassure us we are on the right path of self-discovery. People see it everywhere: on receipts, gas pumps, ticket stubs, and clocks. It appears so often that we can't deny the synchronicity and serendipity in our lives. As we open to the flow and acknowledge the signs, we align and activate our consciousness to receive more messages and guidance.

Our Angels and Guides use the 11-11 to help us align and open to receive. The more we see, the more we BELIEVE in miracles and blessings.

As it mysteriously appears, the 11-11 prompts us to ask why and "what if"? What if intelligent forces are guidin

g my journey? What if we are supported? What if there is more to life than what I see? What if numbers and patterns have a deeper meaning? Nikola Telsa and Albert Einstein said that numbers, frequency, energy, and vibration are the keys to creation. If you want to understand yourself and how you operate, understand these things. Consciously align and attune to the patterns that enlighten you. 11-11 is one of those patterns. Reasons to Join an 11-11 Meditation:

Amplify Your Intentions: 11-11 is a "master number," symbolizing spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and manifestation. During the meditation, you can amplify your intentions and desires, making them more like

ly to come to fruition.

Global Synchronicity: When you meditate on 11-11, you join a worldwide network of individuals focused on spiritual growth and positive change. The collective energy can magnify the impact of your meditation and create a global ripple effect.

Inner Peace and Clarity: Meditation is a powerful tool for inner peace and mental clarity. On 11-11, the energies are particularly conducive to achieving a deep sense of calm and insight, helping you navigate life's challenges with greater ease.

Personal Transformation: If you've been looking for a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, 11-11 is an ideal time to begin. The heightened energy of this day can help you break through old patterns, release limiting beliefs, and step into a new, empowered version of yourself.

Connection with the Universe: Many spiritual traditions believe that 11-11 is a moment when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thin, making it an opportune time to connect with higher consciousness and receive guidance from the universe.

What to do for the 11-11 Meditation

Participating in the 11-11 meditation is simple and accessible for everyone, regardless of your experience with meditation or spirituality. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Follow the RSVP link to register and receive the Zoom invitation.

  • Find a Quiet Space: Choose a serene and quiet place where you won't be disturbed during the meditation.

  • Set Your Intentions: Before the meditation begins, take a few moments to set your intentions. What do you want to manifest or release on this powerful day?

11-11 Alignment and Activation Meditation 11-11 @ 11 am Live via Zoom (sign in starts at 10:00)

YOU WILL NEED THE PASSCODE. Please message Nana for access.

10 am - Saturday Morning Inspiration - Gratitude

11 am - The 11-11 Gratitude Gateway Ceremony Celebration

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