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Gratitude for Connections

The feeling of "belonging" fills us up. Our hearts relax and sigh relief when we are in comforting company. We thrive and come alive when we jive with the hive. Whether it is our biological bloodlines, soul family, or community, we are blessed by our connections and the sacred mirror reflections we share. "People love me," "I love people". "I belong". This is every heart's song! People who are here, people who have gone, we continue to hum along; the ripple effects of our love carry on.

We have many soul mates. We play different roles and connect our souls through lifetimes of devotion.

When we are familiar on a soul level, we feel it. It shines through our eyes. We have a knowing inside. It can arrive in many shapes and sizes; our angels, guides, and soul allies in human skin are often here to challenge us within. They get us to spin open and find more light inside our hearts and minds. We are here to support each other to evolve and grow. Those who challenge us and provide an opportunity to rise are often soul allies in disguise.

Appreciate the villains! We can experience huge shifts in consciousness by forgiving our biggest nemeses.

They allow us to shift, lift, and cultivate our strengths and gifts. We can have gratitude for the experience that prompted growth and greater self-awareness. Today, ponder how much further you are in life because of the people who have walked by your side. One significant person could quickly fill a list of 33. Imagine cycles and seasons that have passed by and the people those cycles occupied temporarily but significantly impacted your journey. List their characteristics, how they made you feel, and the good times you shared. Gratitude attracts; you can have gratitude for the type of connections you wish to manifest: a soul mate, a healthy relationship, an abundance of passion, romance, adventure, or the perfect co-creator in business.

Imagine it and have gratitude to attract it. Write a list of what you wish to manifest and merge a grateful heart wave with it!

A grandmother's nurturing embrace, your beloved's face when they awake by your side, the first time you meet the little guy's eyes whom you gave life. These connections are the sweet nectar of life. Let your heart and soul roam to find the precious connections and write a list of gratitude that fills you to overflow and Know how blessed you are.

With a warm embrace of gratitude for our connection. Love, Nana

Gratitude 33.3 is a self-paced transformational journal journey. Start anytime, grab a journal, or purchase Gratitude 33.3 online.

Write three columns of 33 things you are grateful for, morning, afternoon, and evening, for 33 days.

This formula aligns the heart and brain to tune into a high vibrational life. Change the lens from where you have been to where you deserve to be - grateful and free!

Quote from Gratitude 33.3 - Connections
Gratitude 33.3 - Connections

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