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“Grateful for a Vibrant Life.”

If there is an ailment that bothers you, it can be consuming. Whether it is a toothache, migraines, bad knees, cancer, or auto-immune disease, the problem becomes the focus. How do we get rid of it? We zero in on what is wrong and lose sight of what is right and healthy. "Our focus determines our reality." If we consume ourselves with what is wrong, we will sink into an internal conflict, divide inside, and fight what is wrong to try and make it right again. Of course, we must address the issue, but are we consumed and losing sight of our ability to attract and manifest our reality through Gratitude? Adding Gratitude to your healing regimen will make a huge difference. It dis-spells the victim and allows you to rise above what is wrong and attract more of what is right, healthy, and vibrant in your life. Don't let the problem get you down; keep sight of the blessings in life. If you made two lists, one with all the dis-eased parts of your body and the other with all the parts working easily, which is longer? I am sure the latter list would be longer. Are you seeing, breathing, walking, talking, hearing, or tasting? Does your brain work? Is your mind sharp? Can you get up any time you want and move about freely? How are your kidneys, colon, and digestive system functioning? Do you have healthy skin, hair, and nails? What about blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse? Are they normal? Think of all the ailments and diseases you do not have and how fortunate you are to have the health and vibrancy you do. Train your brain to look for the little things. Do you have fingernails to scratch that itch? A hand that moves when you tell it to? An arm that can extend to reach it? What if you didn't, life would be more difficult. Appreciate it. When you focus on how you are vibrant and healthy, your brain picks up your gratitude vibes. It circulates this healing frequency throughout your body, bringing healing and transformation to any situation that is ailing you. Be grateful for when your knees, teeth, and thyroid are working correctly and grateful that they will work again. This allows you to infuse positive vibes inside rather than fighting and dividing yourself. I have faced immense health challenges that have almost killed me. During this time, my Guides told me to focus on a "Vibrant Life." They told me to "emphasize what I wish to experience." This practice saved my life and allowed me to find the solutions to the ailments with a joyful heart instead of dread. Today, reflect on what is perfect: perfect sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, loving, touching, hugging, dancing, laughing, playing, and smiling. If you can do these things, there are many reasons to be grateful. Love, Nana

Gratitude 33.3 is a self-paced transformational journal journey. Start anytime, grab a journal, or purchase Gratitude 33.3 online.

Write three columns of 33 things you are grateful for, morning, afternoon, and evening, for 33 days.

This formula was given to me by Spirit and is promised to "Anchor us in the New Paradigm and Simultaneously Disentigrate Ancestorial Karma" that would keep us connected to the old paradigm,

repeating patterns that are self-sabotaging. It is a life-changing shift and lift in consciousness.

Gratitude 33.3 - Vibrant Life - Nana Hendricks
Gratitude 33.3 - Vibrant Life - Nana Hendricks

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