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How to Channel

Do you want to know how to channel? Well, you are doing it right now. It happens automatically; you are unaware you are doing it. If you pause and tune it, you will begin to see the many ways you are already channeling. Once realized, you can amplify your ability to channel consciously and connect when ready.

Right now, you channel blood through your veins, energy through your meridians, and food through your digestive tract. Your breath channels oxygen to your brain and channels signals throughout your body.

You also channel a living light source through every cell, molecule, chakra, and field you yield in your auric cocoon.

You are channeling a Soul into a Human form.

That Soul is the light source that shines through the human sheath. The Soul gives the human its electricity, life, and light. Otherwise, the human would be like a pile of rock and clay or a puppet made of cloth and string but no life. The Soul gives it its spark.

The human forgets that it has a soul at its core but always channels energy through the body. A fantastic world unfolds if the human pauses to turn inward and finds its soul. The awakening and remembrance process allows us to build a relationship with the Living Light Source that dwells within.

Alchemy and transformation begin happening as we harmonize instead of divide who we are inside. We start raising our vibration. We turn our dross and the old story into golden glory.

As we explore who we are, doorways open to other realms and worlds within our collective consciousness. We learn that we have a door to our core and an elevator that takes us to any floor. We ascend and descend within at will, finding the treasures buried deep within us.

As we embrace our multi-dimensionality, we meet many other beings who wish to assist the awakening and evolving process. We meet our Angels and Guides who have agreed to travel by our side through this life.

We grow our awareness of our Sacred Hoop and all its magic. Each person's hoop is unique; their power totems of life reside alongside their circle of light. The Sacred Hoop is the Auric Cocoon; it contains everything.

As self-awareness expands, we realize we are channeling lifetimes of information, initiations, and gifts through this incarnation. There is much to gain in understanding where we have been, and then we begin consciously instead of unconsciously channeling them.

If we widen back, we see that we are the ancestors, angels, and star beings. We expand through all the realms. The dimensions reside inside a spiral staircase that runs right up our spine and then continues out our crown all the way back to the Omni.

We are all channels.

It is up to us to choose where we reside on the dial of life. Do we want to stay tuned to the unconscious tunes that drown out our inner sounds and encourage us to hit snooze? Do we want to wake up and realize that we can tune into higher vibes that allow us to rise and shine and consciously channel magnificence and magic into our lives?

What will you channel today?

I channel love, light, and grace from my heart space to yours.

Love, Nana

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