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I am Grateful to Be Alive

Life is not always easy. We come here to learn, evolve, and grow. Growth happens just outside of our comfort zone. Our challenges are our expansion opportunities. We've heard the saying, "God won't give us more than we can handle, but sometimes I wish he didn't trust me so much." I know this feeling, don't we all? Each, in our own way, we have faced dark nights and dreary days when we say, enough! Let's lighten up! Life has been rough, extremely hard at times. Looking back, those were the huge shifts that gave me an opportunity to lift into something different. A new cycle developing new strengths, gifts, and perspectives. Loss creates a void that can be filled with new opportunities, friendships, and horizons to explore. Once we empty, we can receive. We must stop looking at the closed doors, wishing they were different, and pivot to the new ones opening. Like a fine wine takes time to mature and age to perfection, so do we. Maturity and humility are gained through the challenges. By the time we ripen with age, we have faced and embraced life's pressures. We soften with the sweet surrender that it takes to make it through our transformations. When we are surviving, life seems uphill, against the grain, upstream. When we ae thriving, life seems fluid, flowing, floating. Can we let go and flow even when life is challenging? Perhaps this is the most important time to know we are supported by God, Angels, our Souls, and Guides. What if the challenges were here to wake us up? Something had to jar us from our sleep and challenge us to dig deeper for life's meaning. It is in the seeking that we find the treasures. Would we seek if life is always a peach or bowl of cherries? Would we learn the immense gifts of compassion, forgiveness, and grace if we didn't face personal challenges? What jewels have you learned from the bridges you burned, the loss you have endured, or the mistakes made? And when you thrive, and life is all right, what does it take to make you appreciate your days? Are they filled with love and grace? First place? Goals made? A home-made meal? An opportunity to help another heal? Abundance overflowing? A knowing of who you are? What makes your heart feel alive and thrive? Appreciate the sunny days and the rainbows made by the storms. It is all orchestrated to serve us. Every thunderclap or lightning strike is an opportunity to step back and access life. How does this specific cycle and circumstances provide a unique chance to have gratitude? Align and find the best way to proceed with the gratitude frequency opening the blessings and new opportunities. No matter what we feel today, surviving or thriving, they are both gifts of life experience. We get to feel the exhilaration of a wide range of vibrations from fear to faith, love, and hate, and grace to disgrace. Allow it all to take place and face life with the acceptance that it is meant to be full spectrum. The peaks and valleys create the great divides that allow us to experience the lows and highs of life and all the beauty in between. Like the moon waxes and wanes, the tides rise and fall; we are in a rhythm and harmony with creation to experience it all. It is all a gift meant to expand our consciousness. Embrace it; don't resist it. Seek the opportunity and silver lining. You will find cycles of shadow and light are meant to help your soul take flight. Grateful for all of it, Love, Nana

Grateful for Life
I am Grateful for a Full Spectrum Life

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