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Nana Hendricks

Visionary & Sacred Story Teller

Embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and a more profound connection with your life's true calling.  Find inspiration, a deeper understanding of self and a heightened sense of purpose.


Through her intuitive guidance and teachings, Nana Hendricks has been instrumental in guiding countless individuals towards discovering their true purpose, finding meaning, and experiencing profound healing.

Today, Nana is driven to share her wellspring of inspiration and sacred narratives through tailored meditative practices and courses. Her mission is to empower others to turn their gaze inward, unveiling a deeper understanding of self and a heightened sense of purpose.

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"Nana’s divine guidance and intuition united a group of soul connected women to share and be held in a sacred space. This space has been a pilar for me throughout this 2 year journey."

- Arelis Atani

"I always look forward to our monthly Zoom calls, yearly retreats and Nana’s beautiful meditations. I always leave feeling so happy, inspired and full of love!"

- Kim Baldwin

"Nana has gathered an ever-growing group of amazing woman to join together in love and support with an energy that ripples both inward and outward changing each one of us and changing the world."

- Anne Nayer, St Thomas, USVI

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