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Nana Hendricks

Intuitive Visionary, Spiritual Teacher

Nana will help you find clarity, awaken, and evolve.  

With 22 years of experience as an Intuitive Visionary and Spiritual Teacher,  she is a wellspring of inspiration that helps her clients find their inner radiance and live a soulful existence.

As an Intuitive Visionary, she sees soul light shining from inside everyone.  She
inspires others to find their inner light and allow it to rise and shine.

As a messenger and guide, she provides a road map to the answers and gifts carried within, helping to awaken connection and intuition.  

Join Nana in sessions, events, courseswomen's circles, and the member's community.  

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Om Symbol on the Beach

Saturday Morning Inspiration

Come join us for a free Saturday morning session of inspiration and meditation led by Nana Hendricks, featuring a fresh theme every week.

White Plants

"Nana’s divine guidance and intuition united a group of soul connected women to share and be held in a sacred space. This space has been a pilar for me throughout this 2 year journey."

- Arelis Atani

"I always look forward to our monthly Zoom calls, yearly retreats and Nana’s beautiful meditations. I always leave feeling so happy, inspired and full of love!"

- Kim Baldwin

"Nana has gathered an ever-growing group of amazing woman to join together in love and support with an energy that ripples both inward and outward changing each one of us and changing the world."

- Anne Nayer, St Thomas, USVI


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